Support Raising Timeline

After acceptance to a Global Program, the timeline below may be helpful in pacing yourself as you raise support. Try writing in actual dates next to the time period listed (e.g. 10 weeks before GP = week of March 10thusing this Word document. Consider asking your prayer partners or friends to keep you accountable to this timeline.


  Action Items

  10 weeks before GP

  • Take inventory of your potential supporters and gather their contact information. Identify one or more prayer partners immediately, and begin meeting regularly. (See Getting Started section).
  • Write and send a letter explaining Global Programs to everyone on your contact list (See Letters section).

  9 weeks before GP

  • Set up appointments with your home/campus churches to share about your GP. If you don’t know the pastor or missions committee, ask your church contacts to introduce you. (See Asking for Support section).
  • Talk with your fellowship’s leaders or staff about how your fellowship might be able to help. Schedule a missions presentation at the fellowship’s large group meeting in the coming weeks.
  • Invite your small group into partnership.

  8 weeks before GP

  • Ask advocates for referrals (See Asking Advocates to Help section). Send all your new contacts your letter.
  • Schedule individual appointments with high potential donors.
  • Follow up with one half of your initial contact list. Consider calling them, visiting them, or emailing them (See Email section).

  6 weeks before GP

  • Begin speaking and giving presentations at churches, large group fellowship, and before special interest groups (mission committees, Sunday School classes, etc.).
  • Follow up with the other half of your contact list. Consider calling them, visiting them, or emailing them.
  • Send thank you notes to donors and advocates.

  4 weeks before GP

  • Follow up with pastors regarding church support.
  • Continue seeking appointments with new groups or individuals.
  • Review your budget and support received thus far. Estimate the amount you still expect. If you estimate a shortage, email some of your original supporters to ask for a second gift. Ask your GP director for further help.

  2 weeks before GP

  • Confirm and finalize all pledges. If supporters are able to send the contribution now, invite them to do so.
  • Send thank you notes to donors and advocates.
  • Meet one last time with your prayer partners, sharing your needs.

  1 week before GP

  • Send and/or email detailed prayer requests for the summer to all your supporters. Share with them how you’re feeling.

  During GP

  • If the director permits communication, email your supporters during the middle of the GP to give a short update and prayer requests.

  1-2 weeks after GP

  • Confirm that all pledges resulted in contributions. Follow up on any pledges necessary.
  • Send and/or email your supporters a summary of your GP, including how the GP impacted you as well as those you served. Thank your supporters for their support.