Summer Class or Job

What If I Need a Summer Class or Job?

College is a busy season of life. Often, you need to squeeze in a summer class to meet your requirements on time, or you’re looking for a job to earn money for next semester. These are real barriers, and we don’t take them lightly. Earning a degree is the reason you’re in college in the first place! But once you enter the workforce or have a family, you won’t have as much flexibility as you do now. Having summer classes or a job doesn’t have to be an automatic “no” to a Global Program.

Most Global Programs are 4-6 weeks in length - which is not your entire summer. You may be able to find a flexible job that allows you to work around your Global Program. Or, if you need to take a summer class, see if you could receive credit for a Global Program. It just might meet your summer internship requirements!

Not all Global Programs are summer trips. A few trips each year go to the Caribbean or Latin America over spring break. If summer is not possible for you, we encourage you to check out a Global Program over spring break.