Developing a Support Team

The vision and purpose of Global Programs is that God would use them to challenge, strengthen and mobilize his Church for the cause of Christ worldwide. Through our short-term programs, we have the opportunity to stimulate our InterVarsity chapters and our local churches. One way to stimulate members of your chapters and churches into deeper involvement in world missions is through your developing support teams. There are three goals in developing support teams:

  • To gather a team of people who will support you with their prayer and finances.
  • To transfer your vision, faith, and knowledge to your support team, including those who may be socio-economically or culturally different than you, building a foundation for cross-cultural missions and service.
  • To mobilize this team into action as you prepare together for a cross-cultural mission, helping each member discover his/her own vital role and contribution in the mission. Not every member of your support team is called to go overseas, but all are still vital members of the mission.