Scripture and Support Raising

Many Bible passages demonstrate how Jesus, Paul and others received support from those who stood by them in their work. Support raising is not a 20th-century invention but a way that Christians throughout history have cared for and supported one another.

1 Chronicles 28:1-29:20: David was commissioned by God to build a temple. He presented this vision to the people and they responded joyously with their time, talents, and money. How much more thrilling is the spiritual house we are commissioned to build?

Matthew 7:7-12: God wants us to ask him for help. God is eager and able to meet our needs.

Luke 8:1-3: In Jesus’ ministry, three women are cited for providing for all of Jesus’ and the twelve disciples’ needs “out of their resources.”

Acts 2: As a community in Christ, the first followers of Jesus shared all that they had.

Philippians 1:1-13 and 4:10-20: The relationship Paul had developed with the Philippian church included their supporting him with finances. This was a blessing for both them and Paul.

2 Corinthians 8:1-9:15: The Corinthians were participants in ministry with Paul through their giving. Your participation in this program is a doorway for others to be involved in God’s work in the world!

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Scriptural Examples of Sharing with a Team

Paul Asking on Behalf of Others: 2 Corinthians 8-9

  • Look up this passage and read both chapters.
  • What had the Corinthians promised to do? Who was going to benefit?
  • What direct effort did Paul, through Titus, make to collect what was promised? How would you feel about this letter if you were a Corinthian?
  • What basis did Paul have for being so bold? How do you feel about putting your relationships on the line for the needs of God’s people?

Acts 4:32-37

  • What did members of the team with more wealth do?
  • What prompted them to do this?
  • What was the result? How was the communal work of the first disciples affected?
  • What might the effect have been on the relationships within the community?