Summer Teams

A six-week immersion program that provides a rare opportunity to live in Arab culture and offer intercession while developing relationships through teaching English. This program works in partnership with an established organization that creates opportunities for long-term local relationships.

The Bosnia GP is an amazing opportunity to grow in developing cross-culture relationships and to go in depth in sharing the Gospel in the midst of intentional friendship. In partnering with our sister ministry in Bosnia, you will have the opportunity to both serve in leading English classes and see Jesus open doors for that to lead spiritual conversations.

Come and experience God's global mission right here in Wisconsin this summer. Every year many international students seek work at the water park capital of the world, the Wisconsin Dells. Over the course of the summer, students will work with international students at a waterpark and amusement park resort.

Become a student and teacher at an East Asian University for the summer and serve alongside local Christians in planting a ministry in an unreached part of the world. Participate in cross-cultural ministry by taking initiative with students interested in speaking English. The program is relational.

During Western Peace 2020, we will spend six weeks studying language and culture at a university, building friendships with local students, and praying for God to move in this remote part of the world. Many students on campus are from two ethnic minority groups that have had almost no exposure to Christianity.

The Global Program to Ecuador will be a partnership with local IFES movement CECE.

We will again partner with a bold IFES movement in a small, under-reached country in Eurasia for an evangelistic English Camp. As a “native English speaker” you are an “expert”. Students are eager to come and improve their English by interacting with you. Daily camp activities include: a Bible study in one of the gospels, seminars on En

Kenya GP students (including NURSING STUDENTS) will experience first-hand what God is up to in this beautifully diverse and complex part of God’s world. Students have benefited from this GP by becoming MORE in love with God and His world; MORE dependent on God in prayer; MORE confident in speaking from God’s Word; and MORE bold in sharing their faith with others.

Latvia is a Baltic country in North-Eastern Europe. It has a population of 2 million people, and is ethnically mixed between Latvians and Russians. Our team will be serving a local church by helping with two VBS camps for kids, encouraging the local missionaries, sharing our friendship, and learning about God in a global context.

We will be participating in a cultural exchange and leadership development program in order to promote healthy relations as well as share the gospel with students.