Summer Teams

ChildVoice: Nigeria

ChildVoice now is a registered NGO and is setting up its base of operations in Yola, the capital of Adamawa state in eastern Nigeria.

East Asia Riverside

The Riverside Global Program is a friendship-based cultural exchange program where InterVarsity students are paired with East Asian students.

East Asia Sky Water

Become a student and teacher at an East Asian University for the summer and serve alongside local Christians in planting a ministry in an unreached part of

Japan Global Partnership

The aim of this trip is to establish witnessing communities at Musashi University in Tokyo. Seiji and Kathy Oyama are currently pastors at a large Japanese church that is across the street from Musashi University. Seiji Oyama was president of his KGK chapter (IFES in Japan) at Waseda University in Tokyo. Kathy Oyama was a CSM at Washington University in St. Louis. They hope to partner with KGK in establishing a witnessing community on campus. Kathy currently serves as an English and Bible teacher at Musashi. Learning from Kathy and Seiji: Kathy and Seiji are doing incredible in an Urban context What we could offer: American students would could serve as conversation partners in the language lab at Musashi. We would be able to utilize the church for housing and after-school outreach parties.

Middle East

We will be participating in a cultural exchange and leadership development program in order to promote healthy relations as well as share the gospel with students.

Oaxaca UNLV Global Program

Going to Oaxaca

Ukraine English Camp

This is a two week trip to help the Ukrainian IFES movement, CCX, w