Kenya Global Program

Nairobi, Kenya
May 30, 2023 to July 10, 2023
Ministry Focus: 
Evangelism, Local Ministry Support
Who may apply for this program: 
Students studying in North America

Kenya GP students will experience first-hand what God is up to in this beautifully diverse and complex part of God’s world. Students have benefited from this GP by becoming MORE in love with God and His world; MORE dependent on God in prayer; MORE confident in speaking from God’s Word; and MORE bold in sharing their faith with others. After a week of orientation, students will travel to ministry sites (2+ weeks) which will include living with Kenyan families and working alongside churches, teaching in schools and/or serving in orphanages. The final 2 weeks will include outreach to Kenyan universities in partnership with our IFES sister movement FOCUS, followed by debriefing and re-entry training.

Hans Schenk

Hans participated in the Kenya Global Program in 1995 as a student, and has traveled back to Kenya with the program 10 other times. He has worked for InterVarsity for 26 years.