East Asia Western Peace

Enroll as a student in an East Asian University for the summer and serve alongside local Christians in planting a ministry among university students in a hard-to-reach part of the world.  Participate in cross-cultural ministry by taking initiative with native students interested in speaking English.  This program is all about being relational; friendships formed during this time might be among the most challenging and blessed relationships you ever develop. It's an adventure to learn to partner with God step-by-step in this new context.  Prepare to be challenged to go deeper in your willingness to relate, adjust and love in a beautiful culture very different from our own! MAC or STIM training equivalents are required.

East Asia
May 25, 2018 to July 6, 2018
Ministry Focus: 
Cultural and Language Exchange and Local Ministry Support
Who may apply for this program: 
Students studying in Great Lakes East

Don't let the price stop you from applying. The average cost is listed, but fundraising is team based, with training and a coach. 

Betsy Hoisington

Betsy has been on staff for 4 years and currently serves as a Ministry Team Leader at Grand Valley State University in Michigan.

Jordyn Moore