Nairobi, Kenya
May 26, 2020 to July 8, 2020
Ministry Focus: 
Evangelism and Social Justice
Who may apply for this program: 
Students Studying in North America

Cost listed is an average. Fundraising will be done as a team and will include coaching. 

Kenya GP students (including NURSING STUDENTS) will experience first-hand what God is up to in this beautifully diverse and complex part of God’s world. Students have benefited from this GP by becoming MORE in love with God and His world; MORE dependent on God in prayer; MORE confident in speaking from God’s Word; and MORE bold in sharing their faith with others. Many students have been able to get independent study or internship CREDIT from their participation in this GP. The multitude of experiences on this GP also reflect well when applying for JOBS and GRADUATE PROGRAMS.

After a week of orientation, students will travel to ministry sites (2+ weeks)which will include living with Kenyan families and working alongside churches, teaching in schools and/or serving in orphanages--and (for nursing students) serving in hospitals. The final 2 weeks will include team service in slums of Nairobi and an introduction to Hindu and Muslim outreach, followed by debriefing and re-entry training. 

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Applications close Feb. 15. 

Brian and Debbie Lee

Brian and Debbie have co-led the Kenya Global Program for the previous 21 years. Brian has been on staff with InterVarsity for 34 years at the University of Montana. Debbie is a Registered Nurse and will be helping to lead the medical team.