India Freeset Internship

 Spend the summer working alongside an international freedom business with a mission to empower women trapped in the sex trade through employment and education. Freeset makes fair trade t-shirts and handbags and is looking for Fashion Design majors, IT support, Graphic Design expertise, Web Development, and Sales and Marketing assistance. This internship may include training locals in these areas as well as taking on related projects over the course of the summer. You will explore the intersection of faith, work, and justice as you work in your field of study, spend time with visionary business leaders, and create community with incredible women coming out of the sex trade. Applicants should be extremely mature, self-motivated, team players who are teachable and excited to see Jesus move in and around them. The program will begin with an orientation (along with Global Urban Trek participants) and end with a short debrief in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

*Cost includes international airfare, room and board. Interns must provide their own transportation to and from San Francisco. 

**Cost and end date are subject to change. 

Kolkata, India
June 18, 2018 to August 14, 2018
Ministry Focus: 
Faith and Work, Social Justice, Local Ministry Support
Who may apply for this program: 
University students studying in North America - Please provide a professional skills resume

Don't let the price stop you from applying. The average cost is listed, but fundraising is team based, with training and a coach. 

Josh Harper

Josh is the Director of Innovation for the Missions Department. He is in his 19th year of work with InterVarsity. He lives in Oakland, Ca with his wife, two daughters, two housemates, and two chickens.