Experience the Muslim World

Online and In Your Neighborhood
June 16, 2021 to June 20, 2021
Ministry Focus: 
Culture and Language Exchange
Who may apply for this program: 
Students interested in learning more about Islam and the Muslim World


Join this innovative, intensive program designed in partnership between InterVarsity’s Global Programs and International Student Ministry departments! EMW will involve both Zoom interaction and in-person activities in your city. We will meet IFES leaders from world regions, cook new recipes together, visit local mosques, be paired with IFES students, pray around the clock, and glimpse what following Christ looks like in contexts very different from North America.

Participants should be InterVarsity students currently engaging Muslim international students on US campuses or ready to begin, or interested in future service abroad. We strongly recommend applying as pairs or groups to go through the program together--from the same campus, city, or area. Staff are welcome to apply as part of a student pair/group.

Cost is $100, and includes a “project box” mailed to participants.

Because of the unique nature of this project, participants must be: completely free for the duration of the project (ie, no summer school or job), and located within 30min of

  • a mosque
  • a multiethnic neighborhood with Middle Eastern, South/Southeast Asian, or other Muslim-region people and shops. This is true of all major and most midsize cities and towns, so if unsure do some research on yours!

Email gp@intervarsity.org with any questions.