The Great Lakes East Bolivia GP is a 3.5 week program focused on partnership with three ministries. We will spend a week investing in our relationship with IFES Bolivia, helping them with evangelism and follow-up on campus. We’ll also spend a week learning about and serving the Ayoré people for whom sex trafficking, poverty and racism are a part of life. The women on the team will run a Bible-based retreat for the week, helping these at-risk girls to meet Jesus and see their value in God’s eyes. Lastly, we will spend time learning about holistic Bible-centered rural community development through GATHER Network, our main host. We will spend time at their test farm and visit communities in which they are teaching spiritual leadership, as well as agricultural practices, animal care, hygiene and family life. This program is open nationally, but will give priority to Great Lakes East students. Spanish language skills are highly recommended and MAC or STIM training equivalents are required.

Santa Cruz, Bolivia
June 21, 2018 to July 17, 2018
Ministry Focus: 
Evangelism and Social Justice
Who may apply for this program: 
Only available for Hillsdale College students in Great Lakes East
Todd Harris

Todd has been on staff for nine years and has been to Bolivia four times. He serves as the Regional Missions Specialist for the Great Lakes East Region.