Ancient Capital

Spend time this Summer living on a college campus in East, building relationships with students, teaching about your culture and beliefs, and assisting and serving local missionaries. This will be a great adventure of learning how to serve and be served, how to share your life and love for Jesus relationally, and how to care for students that might not have had access to the gospel before. There will be a lot of emphasis on being intentional, growing friendships, and being willing to enter into a new culture to serve and show the love of God. There is no language learning requirement. 

Check back this fall for 2019 Applications.

East Asia
Ministry Focus: 
Cultural and Language Exchange, Local Ministry Support
Who may apply for this program: 
Students in either the Rocky Mountain or Northwest Region may apply.

Don't let the price stop you from applying. The average cost is listed, but fundraising is team based, with training and a coach.